Your supporters are your individual agents of change. And there are 3 things that as Rachel Hutchisson shares, you need to keep in mind to understand and engage your individual supporters on a deeper level: 

  • Cause – Modern individual supporters are connected more deeply to certain causes than to certain organizations. Your organization is often just one of the channels through which they seek to drive change.
  • Communityis a power of many. From the Ice Bucket Challenge to the Woman’s March, many of today’s biggest movements are less about single charismatic voices and more about the transformative power of the chorus. And when your supporters want to make a difference, they can be open not just to donating their time or treasure, but their networks too.
  • Technology plays a powerful role in virtually everything we do today. It also has become central to the way modern activists engage.

Considering these characteristics, you can drive your impact by catalyzing the passion and individual impact of your supporters by just these 3 easy steps to engage them:

  1. Being open to get help: When someone reaches you out with an unusual idea of supporting your cause, you need to say yes.
  2. Transparency: As any other supporter, your organization’s agents of change are your partners in creating positive change. And they
  3. Connection: Don’t assume your activists will be loyal to you because of your case, assume they will be loyal to your cause itself, and work in all your communication to show them the real difference they make by supporting your organization.

Many organizations have proved – that approach can help the entire social economy benefit from the massive potential and power of individual supporters.