Don’t let anyone trouble you, any name will sell. WTF, did I say that? Yes, and I mean it. There is nothing Sacred about the name of your venture- Nothing! No name is great until idolized! Enough of messing around with names as if that’s what you need to create a big brand. And mind you, when I mean big brand- I don’t mean popular names.It’s not the name of your business that creates the difference, it’s the logic and sometimes irrational presence that you give to it. Get over it, I have seen enough bad names in my life with great business presence. There are a lot of business names I would have turned down if I were recommended in the first place, yet they are rocking the brand. I would have said a no to Jumia, Konga, Craigslist Dangote and some others. You can even use your name! Who says you can’t. Na today? You can use anything but not everything. Yet, you may want to consider some of these recommendations:
1. Avoid brand clash- try hard to stay away from this. It’s hard to get out of a brand misidentity. I guess it’s easier to say, ‘that’s it’ than to say, ‘no, that’s not it’. When you get into networking meetings, you want to put your business out there without having to explain the difference between you and other organization with the same name. Unless it’s the story of Oxford university and Oxford Brookes university, stay out of this. A smart thing to do is to ensure that google can not find a company with your brand name
2. Storytelling- one thing I love about ‘Sesewa’, one Nigeria HR brand for young people is the story behind the name. And again, don’t forget that any name can sell. Sesewa is one of the few names I love and the feeling you get when she gently connects the brand to the story of a young undergraduate of Obafemi Awolowo University. Have you heard of the story behind Java? Trust me, you need a story and you need it early. Someday, you are going to be successful and you’d have to start the evening cocktail party with the stakeholders of your company with a quiet, reflective and some funny story behind your brand.
3. E-Presence- Hey, buy every available URL. Or have a plan to buy them. You must begin with that paradigm and don’t lose out on that. You are going to be very successful, so start with that feeling. Check out ‘ and .net and .org’ They bought them. Not because they are rich- but because they don’t want to start to explain to someone in Cuba that ‘ we are not the owner of the .net’. Crap!
4. Don’t be a geographer: This should be your take home. Don’t let anyone disturb you on this. Globalize your brand. You don’t have to put Nigeria or Africa or what have you behind your brand name. By default, if you are registered in Nigeria, the government gives you that.
Don’t call your brand ‘ PM Hub Nigeria’. That is not what it means to localize your brand. You are a global entrepreneur and you should be solving global issues. I understand that you are passionate about Nigeria and your home town, but remember that 10 years down the line, you will still be passionate about your country and will want to build your brand somewhere else. See beyond the limitlessness of the map- your company will go global.