The US is presumably one of the most noteworthy countries when it comes to travelling. It is picturesque, it is interesting, it is full of incredible things to do, and – what is important – it can be cheap. The following series of blogs aims at one question – how to travel every month with only the Fellow’s stipend in your hands? Based on my experience, it is more than possible – taken into account some budget tips.

One of them – how to find an accommodation (part 1)



CS is definitely the best thing when it comes to saving money for accommodation. It is easy, comfortable and often enjoyable. For those few who never heard about it – you are staying at other’s people homes in exchange for your company, conversation and time together. As CS is my favorite type of the free accommodation, one of the following blogs entirely covers the features of this particular service.


Why it is good: A chance to meet an incredible company; relatively comfortable; absolutely free

Why it is bad: no guarantee that you will find a host; relatively unsafe



The visually horrible, user-unfriendly website that can make your travel preparations painful and senseless. Some people say it used to be a good thing to find a company, but as for me – it is by no means comparable with Couchsurfing. Try it only as a last resort however keep in mind – the account is needed to be verified some time in advance.

Why it is good: A chance to meet the locals; free and relatively comfortable; absolutely free

Why it is bad: no guarantee that you will find a host; the website will make your eyes bleed; the account verification required



Sometimes if no other options worked out, the airport can be a true salvation. It is not a radical option at all – even more, there is a whole travel community of guys who use air terminals as their bedrooms.

If you are staying at the airport, check the website – It is extremely useful to understand whether you can sleep there or not. It literally includes everything – from information about wi-fi and the least noisy concourses to tips where to find seats with no armrests.

There are only couple of limitation that can make your stay at the airport a bit cheerless.

First. Usually airport staff is fine with airport sleepers, but always be ready to provide your tickets (or if you do not have ones – a nice story about your itinerary) – especially if you are at landside zone.

Second. Noise and light. It is not a big deal since you have earphone and eye mask. Again, check the website to know where you can find the quietest and darkest areas.

Third. Sleeping place. Sometimes it is the most problematic. In my experience, only 30-40% of the air hubs have seats with no armrests. The good thing is that usually the concourses beyond the security check are usually covered with carpet. This is far from fancy but it is more than fine when the sleep is all you need.

Why it is good: it is free and safe

Why it is bad: a small chance to be kicked out; noise; excessive air-conditioning; and the worst thing ever – armrests