The comfort zone is the inner state of mind of a person which it is pleasant to be. Your comfort zone is the fruit of self-deception. You tell yourself that there is no better alternative to your current situation, that you spent too much energy building it, that it’s too hard to change anything in life. You stop at one though rather convenient place and with your own hands negate all the magnificent prospects of your life. The comfort zone turns for you at the end point of your journey.

It doesn’t allow a person to realize his dream, makes her/him degrade and takes away the desire to realize his potential!

The comfort zone is:

  • Well-established habits.
  • You don’t develop at all, being in a familiar environment.
  • Stereotypes of behavior.
  • You start acting like the machine, performing the same actions day after day, ceasing to feel and perceive the surrounding reality with your own mind.
  • Thinking patterns.
  • You become the consumer of everything ready.
  • You become too lazy to think, too lazy to do something.

The dangers of comfortable and gray life are a lack of motivation. Behind the zone of comfort is an entirely different a zone of uncomfortable and unusual behavior. Developing a habit of working on yourself and making efforts regardless of mood and weather conditions becomes a top priority.

Breaking out the zone and getting into an unfamiliar atmosphere, a person learns to live anew, feel, make vitally important decisions.

How to break out of the comfort zone?

  1. Go to the courses or group of interests.

Find something that will suit you and forward to new acquaintances and exciting activities.

  1. Take an unforgettable trip

You only need to choose the route of the trip and take the necessary things.

  1. Take on new tasks.

Take on a specific project, for example, at work.

  1. Do some sports

Everyone knows that exercise adds confidence, health, self-esteem and of course raise self-esteem!

  1. Set goals that completely change your life.

You need to take on a goal that will help change you and your life-being. Plan the time for which you can reach out it.