Becoming an Atlas Corps fellow for me means being part of the winning team!

It also means embarking on a significant transformation social leadership journey, a professional career changing process that challenges and make you question your intellect and competencies. It is a process that you set out to earn a professional global space and the privilege it accords to impact the world, in your home country (Malawi), U.S and beyond one’s borders.

Being part of this prestigious fellowship program further means a responsibility and an opportunity to add value not only to my professional brand but also to my host organization, to Atlas Corps family and future fellows.

With an academic background in media for development and experience in research, marketing, and communication, I boldly take up a new challenge with pride in project management at Institute of Global Homelessness at DePaul University in Chicago, to champion a world where everyone has a home.

Thanks to Atlas Corps team for equipping fellows with the expertise required for a successful career growth attainment through the Global Leadership Lab Immersion (GLLI).

I have enjoyed all the team building activities, however the monument tour with Atlas Corps founder and CEO, Scott Beale is at the top of the list. I am amazed by Scott’s energy and how he exudes leadership, very involved with passion and great energy; salute!

To my fellow class 32 team, you are nothing but amazing, let’s do this!!

Finally, a huge congratulations to class 27, you made it! You have set the bar high with all the accomplishments, we strive to raise it higher!