I’m not going to write facts or numbers about Yosemite that you can find on Wikipedia, But instead, I’ll share my own experience with you 🙂



I was very lucky to go to Yosemite, I’m a big fan of nature but not hiking 😛 So going with a big group who encouraged /supported me to hike although I was 17 weeks pregnant was a wonderful experience!!




We were the most diverts group of 10 people, from 9 different countries! Brought together by the spirit of adventure and English language 😛

We chose Thanksgiving holiday to start our trip, it was two days and one night trip, we honestly were worried about the traffic that we might face on the Bay Bridge, but surprisingly there was no traffic at all!! I guess everyone chose to go to San Diego and LA instead!! I think it was a total of four hours trip from San Francisco with the breakfast break in the middle.

The weather was perfect! We couldn’t ask for better weather, not too hot not too cold! The views, the air, trees, and squares were so beautiful; our eyes were sparkling from the views and colors.

One small tip before I leave enjoy the pictures; if you are planning to hike ( let me call it clime) the rocky waterfall, please please don’t do it unless you are wearing waterproof and good hiking sneakers otherwise you’ll horribly hurt yourself.