Self-confidence has two main sides. There are feeling of confidence (an inner sense of power, right and rightness), confident behavior (demonstrating strength with a strong position)

Diffidence is a concern for own psychological and physical disabilities, a low level of self-esteem, a panic for authorities, a painful thoughts about the opinions of others, a sense of guilt and shame.

Be your own mentor! Some tips how to develop self-confidence:

  • Know your strengths

If you develop your talents with the help of your knowledge and skills, you can turn them into your strengths.

  • Get rid of perfectionism

Nobody is perfect. Accept this. Therefore, you should not react painfully to your mistakes and failures. Take your mistakes calmly.

  • Imitate confidence

To learn how to be truly self-confident, you can first imitate confidence. Be better prepared for an worrying situation, train in front of a mirror and look at others positively, enjoy communicating with them.

  • Be sincere

Openly talk about your views and thoughts, if the situation allows, this won’t disturb the comforts of others.

  • Help people

If people appreciate your help, they will appreciate your experience, your knowledge and skills. They will respond to the help with gratitude and support. They will believe in you. And then you will believe in yourself!

  • Develop yourself

Read more books of any orientation. Increase your professional skills. Think about what you want to do all your life. Follow this goal. Always try to learn something new about this world, to learn some skills.

  • Accept your limitations

Perceive your limitations is not as something unchangeable, but as a front for future work. All in your hands. This understanding gives you an extra confidence in your abilities.