I serve at ChildFund International in the Partnerships and Advocacy Team.   Lately we have been doing a lot of events in coalition with organizations such as World Vision and Save the Children to name a few. The events are held at a small scale with a capacity of 70 people or less. Yet they add to our visibility and very important for branding. Although, my organization has their own communications team and strategy, it takes a long time to seek approval on language, content, media and other similar things for small events like these. Hence it’s important to have a ready communication kit.

To be honest, I am new to communication. My friends taught me how to work on it and below are a few things I drafted for a quick and easy communication strategy for your small events. It’s essential for the organization’s visibility and branding.

Example: CPI (Child protect International) invites partner organizations and other parties interested in learning more about the ‘Refugee and Migrant Children at Risk’


  1. Create a hashtag for your event
  2. Search for Hashtags related to your event.
  3. Create a blog or a brief write up on the topic specific to the event.
  4. Create a link to site where people can get pictures to post on Facebook/twitter/ Instagram
  5. Create some sample tweets for the audience
  6. Also list some facts and figures related to your topic
  7. List the twitter handle of the panelists and moderators
  8. Make a document listing short bios of the panelists
  9. Keep a contact person ready
  10. Create a Facebook page or highlight the event on your organization’s Facebook page

Put all this information creatively in a Word document/ PowerPoint presentation or any other document using your organization logo and send it to the confirmed RSVP s two days prior to the event.

This is just the basics but good to start with. Hope it helps.