Thanks to Eric Boyle, my awesome local ambassador, I had my first baseball experience in my entire life on April 27, 2018. The game took place between Arizona Diamondbacks and Washington Nationals and which ended 5-4. My intention here is not giving a professional baseball analysis, but my perception of what baseball means for Americans. Below are my takeaways from that night.

Socializing: People were already flooding into the big and beautiful stadium of Washington Nationals with their red sportswear when Eric and I arrived. While getting in, I realized the number of people lining for drinks and foods, mainly the cultural hotdog, were almost equal to the number of people sitting to watch the game. That is the moment I realized that people come to baseball not only to watch the game but also to socialize and have fun. Indeed, I quickly found out that baseball is not like soccer where you totally immerse yourself form 90 minutes. Baseball is like a cool friendship party happening in the stadium.

Paying Tribute: One of the most fascinating activities in the stadium was paying tribute to veterans and soldiers who served and are currently serving their nation. At least two times in the midst of the game, we all stood up and put our hats off in regard to the heroes and they accepted our respect with gratitude. What a great culture!

Creative Entertainment: Besides the game, there are many events happening around the stadium including live music, fun challenges, gifts and etc. One of the most interesting events was the Presidents` Race shown in the picture.

Asking Questions: Although it was my very first baseball game to attend, I quickly started understanding the rules of the game. Thanks again to Eric, he gladly handled my continuous questions with brief and clear explanations. Do you want to know better? Ask.

Enjoying the vibe!

Presidents` Race