maya 2

A caged bird is finally uncaged eternally,
Released from the corporeal bondage substantially,
To savor the freedom she missed perpetually,
In the heavenly paradise peacefully,
Au revoir Mama Maya

An exit in the historical maze,
Maya you found the route with amaze,
Defying the unfavorable racial daze,
With indefatigable spirit full of blaze,
Au revoir Mama Maya

Your pen opened your world Maya,
A world only known to you Maya,
Yet you wanted the world to know Maya,
The realities, aspirations and pains of Queen Maya,
Au revoir Mama Maya

Innumerable loyal followers you have left,
Legions of empowered people right and left,
Our Heads high as well shoulders we all drift,
Floating in the vast redemptive air is felt,
Au revoir Mama Maya

Eric Njoroge