As part of the amazing Atlas Corps delegation, I was fortunate to attend along my fellow fellows: the Nexus 6th Annual Global Youth Summit, from July 20 to July 22, 2016 in NYC. Nice weather, pleasant meetings in a beautiful setting, decorated by unique skylines as well as an interesting content at the plenary and breakouts sessions enchanted me.

I was delighted by the chance to interact with members of a global movement that connects communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship around the world. The Nexus community embraces social makers; it values diversity and all members’ voices, by creating a safe space for collaboration in an atmosphere of non-solicitation. It contributes to the needs of the global community in solving the world´s major problems.

For that purpose, Nexus has created six working groups (WGs) to launch specific social actions on:

  • Human trafficking and modern day slavery
  • Toward equal justice
  • Film, media & storytelling
  • Climate change
  • Indigenous issues
  • Impact investing

 During an intense and productive three-day program, Nexus WGs, panelists, experts, members and other participants discussed a broad range of topics that address diverse global goals. Because of my particular and professional interests, I personally enjoyed the sessions on the refugee crisis, the UN sustainable development goals, human trafficking and climate change. All of them moderated and presented by enthusiastic individuals who raised their main issues of concern.

Last but not least, in an unequal world, initiatives as the ones represented by Nexus members are meaningful. Throughout collaboration we are building bridges that will allow us to eradicate some of the biggest challenges of humanity. With a holistic approach, Nexus community engages within three areas: economic, social and environmental.

Thank you Nexus!