As part of our fifth year birthday celebrations, we decided to give ourselves a birthday present by giving the website a facelift. Part of our website redesign is relaunching our blog in a new format that we believe will reach larger audiences. Using WordPress will help us achieve that goal.

At Atlas Corps we are very proud of what we have accomplished in five years. Over 100 Fellows from 30 different countries have volunteers in DC, New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Baltimore, San Francisco and Bogota, Colombia. We have partnered with some of the best nonprofits in the world, including Ashoka, Grameen Foundation, Susan G. Komen, Habitat for Humanity, the UN Foundation, the U.S. Peace Corps, Oxfam, WWF, and many more. Our Fellows and our alumni are addressing critical social issues and are leaders in their countries. And, we’ve achieved all of this with a sustainable financial model that has grown despite incredibly difficult economic times.

We’ve even received awards for our work. The Brookings Institution named us a “best practice” in international exchange; the Center for Citizen Diplomacy named us “one of the ten best international exchange programs”; the Washington Post named us “the Nonprofit Entrepreneur”; and the Center for Nonprofit Advancement honored us with the EXCEL award as one of the top nonprofits in Washington, DC.

However, we are not getting the word out as effectively as we should be. Some people call us “the best nonprofit no one was has ever heard of” and much of our name recognition that does exist is a result of winning six online philanthropy contests – not because of our work or our Fellows. For every nonprofit name recognition is important for donors and building support, but for us it is critical to achieving our mission. The more organizations who know about Atlas Corps, then the more potential Host Organizations. The more nonprofit leaders who know about Atlas Corps, the more candidates and Fellows we can support.

We hope the re-launched blog will allow a larger audience to learn about, talk about, and support Atlas Corps. We believe in organizational transparency and most importantly we want to raise the profile of our Fellows. Bookmark this page and read about the experiences of our Fellows, become a Fan of our Facebook pages and see the pictures and read the status updates of our Fellows and our alumni. Atlas Corps is not an idea, it is not a theory of social change — Atlas Corps is a global network of over 100 leaders from 30 countries who are making the world a better place everyday – who inspire, who educate and who learn everyday.

Thank you for your interest in and support of Atlas Corps. None of this would be possible without the incredible support of thousands of people around the world who demonstrate that big change is possible.

Scott Beale
CEO, Atlas Corps

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