Atlas Corps Fellowship for Operations & Human Resources Professionals

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The Atlas Corps Fellowship engages global professionals committed to social impact in 12-18 months of service with organizations in the U.S. to learn best practices, build organizational capacity, and return home to create a network of global leaders. For more information about the Fellowship and the benefits of participating, visit For more information about how to apply, visit


Atlas Corps is not currently accepting applications from operations and human resources professionals to be considered for the Fellowship. Fellows will develop their skills by serving at mission-driven organizations to support, develop and improve operational frameworks, procedures, and processes in the areas of talent management; human resources; training and development; strategic planning; knowledge management; operations; and supply-chain/logistics. These Fellows will also support the Atlas Corps mission of strengthening U.S.-based organizations by contributing their international experience and expertise to organizational operations. Candidates may use their skills and expertise in one or more of the following areas: 

General Operations: Researching new policies, protocols, and procedures, revising existing operations manuals, contributing to a strategic planning process, supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, managing relationships with stakeholders, supporting the maintenance of a physical/virtual office environment, supervising daily operations, and administering internal communication and workflow. 

Human Resources: Developing and implementing best practices in talent acquisition and management; engaging in the planning and execution of employee professional development and training programs; supporting employee relations and internal communication efforts; managing employee benefits; utilizing assessment tools; assisting with the employee adaptation and retention strategy; and creating an overall image of organizational success from a human capital perspective.

Knowledge Management: Collecting and integrating data and information assets; conducting literature reviews on best practices; supporting the dissemination and utilization of knowledge products such as case studies and one-pagers; assessing and addressing current learning and knowledge gaps through existing and new data, evidence, and knowledge; creating presentations and webinars that promote reflection on organizational structure and activities; and fostering a culture of sharing and collaboration across the organization.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics: Supporting the procurement and inventory operations; handling logistics such as warehousing and transportation; coordinating local stakeholders for supply chain management technical activities; providing technical insight for strengthening national supply chains; developing new supply chain strategies; analyzing supply chain data; and implementing knowledge of LEAN principles and supply chain agility.

Please note that the above descriptions are only examples and not intended to be a comprehensive overview of this skill area, nor a precise description of each Fellow role. The Fellows’ role and daily responsibilities vary from organization to organization. Before accepting a Fellowship role, candidates will be given a position description and will directly interview with an organization to help determine whether a Host Organization placement is a good match for their skills, experience, and professional development goals.

Opportunities to Connect with Atlas Corps Fellows Globally

Fellows will also participate in the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab professional development series to develop their leadership skills and engage in networking opportunities with Atlas Corps Fellows from around the world. There is also the opportunity to participate in group cultural activities such as a D.C. Monuments Tour, sporting events, U.S. holiday celebrations, and more. In addition to building connections with peers during the Fellowship, alumni will also join the Atlas Corps network of approximately 1,700+ rising leaders from 116+ countries.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for this fellowship must have a college degree, be highly proficient in English, be no older than 35, and be committed to applying their experience in their home country or region after the program. Candidates should also have experience implementing and managing operational processes and two years of professional experience in one of the following areas: human resources, supply chain and logistics, knowledge management, or general operations. 

Desired Eligibility Criteria

Applicants do not need to possess all of the desired eligibility criteria. However, competitive candidates for this opportunity will meet some of the preferred eligibility criteria.

Soft Skills

  • Organizational and time management skills;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Multitasker with the ability to manage multiple processes simultaneously;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to comfortably work with people from across the globe, as well as an ability to work with different working styles; and
  • Flexibility, open-mindedness, and tolerance for uncertainty, stress, and risk.

Functional Areas

  • Knowledge Management: research skills in conducting secondary research and literature reviews, working knowledge of data visualization tools, data fluency, content creation expertise, facilitation, or communication dissemination.
  • General Operations: strategic planning experience and risk analysis, workflow coordination experience, project management, working knowledge and proficiency in the use of software tools and platforms.
  • Human Resources: performance and office management experience, general knowledge of HR practices such as staffing, employee wellness, onboarding, HR certification, recruitment software, talent acquisition expertise, and conflict resolution and employee relations competencies.
  • Supply-Chain Management and Logistics: understanding of the procurement and supply chain process, up-to-date tech and automation knowledge, report-writing experience, financial management experience, and data analytics skills (possibly using software such as Power Bi, Excel, SAP, 1C, or Sharepoint).
Application Process

Does this sound like the right opportunity for you? Applicants interested in an Operations & Human Resources Fellowship should go through the same online application process as other applicants for the Atlas Corps Fellowship. Visit to learn more and start your application now. The deadline to receive priority consideration for a Fellowship in 2024 is July 30, 2023. 

If operations and human resources are not your primary skill, learn more about other priority areas at 

Application Tips

Mark Skill 1 on your application as operations/human resources and closely follow instructions and examples.

Applications are now closed. Learn more about other Leadership Development Opportunities at

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