The Social Good Summit is really much more than I expected. I have been humbled with presence of incredible great world leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs! Amazing listening, learning and sharing experiences with them.
At the Social Good Summit today was an incredible speaker, Malala Yousafazai. A great inspiration beautiful young lady who I must say really touched my heart. It’s unbelievable how much courage she’s got despite her age. So young, so humble, she is determined to make the Girl-Child’s dream come true.
Her dream is to see every girl/ child educated. She’s firm on her message of EDUCATION and how she is determined to advocate for it. For every child, anywhere, everywhere.
And like the young Jack Andraka, Cancer Researcher put it “Knowledge Must be a Human Right.”
With education, truly the world will be a better place where people will be tolerable, use their voice and dialogue to solve problems as Malala put it than the current violence and terrorism going on today.
With Education, their will be peace, love, technology and prosperity!!!!