Our community has grown to include an even more expansive list of 1,100 leaders from 110 different countries, and we are excited to tap into this powerful network of social changemakers. Whether supporting current Atlas Corps Leaders in the Fellowship and Virtual Leadership Institute or wanting to learn best practices in leadership, there are many opportunities to be involved with Atlas Corps! You can be involved at any phase of the Atlas Corps Leader Journey, and we welcome your continued involvement and support to our global community. This community is where cultures, perspectives, ideas, talents and efforts converge to contribute to the growth and development of the world.

REINTEGRATE: Preparing for Your Post-Program Transition

Your engagement with Atlas Corps as an Alum starts here! Whether you’re ending a year-long Fellowship program with Atlas Corps or graduating from the Virtual Leadership Institute, many of our leaders ask “what’s next.” See below for a list of our current opportunities available for reintegrating Atlas Corps Fellows & Scholars. 

Connect with other Atlas Corps Leaders for career advice

Whether transitioning to a new role in your career or starting a new project, you don’t have to go at it alone! More than 1,100 Atlas Corps Alumni are located across 110 different countries and would be delighted to meet and give you career advice. To receive advice from Atlas Corps Alumni, either access the alum directory here or contact the Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Zachary Morrice, who can connect you with an alum. 

DEVEX Career Account (Fellows Only) 

Atlas Corps has partnered with DEVEX to enable Alumni to have the opportunity to sign up for a Career Account. This special account will allow Alumni to get insider career advice, discover future employers, and search and apply for careers in international development that are not readily available to the general public. This is a fantastic resource to have when you are looking for your next professional opportunity, whether that be right after your program or years in the future. If you are interested in this account, please contact Zachary Morrice at zachary@atlascorps.org. There is limited availability. 

State Department International Exchange Alumni Program (Government Sponsored Scholars & Fellows Only) 

Upon completion of a J-1 Trainee Program, you are able to register for an alumni program with other U.S. government-sponsored exchange program participants. Registration may also be available for government-sponsored Scholars. 

1. Please go to this link: https://alumni.state.gov/user/register

2. Fill with your personal information and for “Exchange Program,” select “Atlas Corps

3. Enjoy the benefits: https://alumni.state.gov/about-international-exchange-alumni/benefits-joining

LEARN FOR LIFE: Pursue learning opportunities with Atlas Corps

The learning does not stop once you become an alum. There are many opportunities still available to you once after completing an Atlas Corps program. 

Host or attend People Power Hours of webinars

Do you have a social issue or an interesting topic that you are passionate about and want to share some insights about it with your fellow leaders? Are you well versed in a specific skill that you would like to share with others? We invite you to record a webinar or host a professional development session with Atlas Corps! Contact the Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Zachary Morrice, for more information via zachary@atlascorps.org

Atlas Corps also hosts the People Power Hour Series, where leaders discuss global social issues from a variety of perspectives. To view past People Power Hours, click here

Attend Global Leadership Lab Immersion

Atlas Corps is currently hosting virtual Immersions, and you’re invited to continue participating in select sessions! Immersions happen every January, June and October, and the schedule is typically sent to Alumni two weeks in advance with a list of exciting professional development opportunities. 

Receive Professional Development Opportunities right in your inbox

Atlas Corps regularly sends professional development & learning opportunities right to your email inbox even after you graduate. Keep checking your Atlas Corps email or set up email forwarding for continued access. 

Get nominated for awards & scholarships

From time to time, Atlas Corps partners with universities, foundations, and companies to nominate global leaders from the network for special educational and professional development opportunities. 

Atlas Corps & SIT Graduate Institute

 SIT Graduate Institute and Atlas Corps have partnered to highlight the visions and values of both organizations in integrating the power of knowledge and service in addressing global issues. As part of the partnership, SIT provides competitive scholarships for any SIT degree program. Want to learn more? Click here for the SIT Graduate Institute Viewbook and contact us at zachary@atlascorps.org

PROMOTE: Spread the word about Atlas Corps Leadership Programs

Atlas Corps Fellows and Scholars know exactly who would make a great candidate and we value your support in connecting us to talented social change leaders who could benefit from professional development opportunities. 

Participate in a webinar

When we launch new recruitment campaigns, we ask Fellows and Scholars to speak about their program experience and how the program has helped them grow professionally. If you are interested in becoming a future speaker, please fill out this interest form here. 

Nominate a candidate (or two)

Do you know a candidate who would be the perfect fit for this Fellowship? Fill out this quick nomination form, and we’ll email the candidate about the next steps in the application process. Your personal recommendation is important to us! 

Provide recommendations on networks & present to your groups

Send us places to post or connect us with networks to spread the word about the Fellowship opportunity! We would like to know about any job boards, listservs, LinkedIn groups, or other networks that are popular in your country, especially in one of the priority skill areas mentioned above. If you would like to give an Atlas Corps presentation to your own network, please email Zachary at zachary@atlascorps.org for the recruitment toolkit. 

Spread the word on social media & email your friends

Please share posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter or visit recruitment.atlascorps.org to share additional recruitment materials and text.

VETTING: Identify the world’s rising social change leaders

Help Atlas Corps identify and vet the most qualified social change leaders for our programs. 

Serve on the Atlas Corps Selection Board

Professionals on our Selection Board read applications or interview top candidates via Skype to help us identify the best candidates for our Fellowship – this flexible volunteer opportunity is great for improving your analytical or interviewing skills! For more information on the Selection Board & other volunteer opportunities, visit volunteer@atlascorps.org

ONBOARD: Welcome new Fellows and Scholars to the Atlas Corps Community

Are you reminiscent of the time when you began your journey as a Fellow or Scholar? Want to engage with our current Fellows or Scholars beginning their program experience and make them feel welcome by integrating them into our supportive community of incredible leaders from around the world? Help Atlas Corps onboard new Fellows and Scholars! 

Coffee Chat Extravaganza 

Each Fellowship Class, we organize the  Coffee Chat Extravaganza! These coffee chats are a one-time 25 minute (or longer) check-in video call where you can have a one-on-one conversation with one of the incoming Fellows. Once you complete this form, we will match you with one (or more!) Fellows. From there, we will connect you with your match via email (and share both of your contact information), so that you two can arrange a time to connect over video chat for virtual coffee (or tea, beer, kombucha– whatever gets you going)! Sign-up here

Orientation week: Induction Ceremony, Web We Weave & the First 90 days

SUPPORT: Provide Support to Current Fellows & Scholars

Do you like helping others to navigate through challenges? Then, check out one of our Fellow or Scholar Support opportunities. 

Become a Group Captain & Facilitate a peer coaching group

Want to meet the world’s rising social change leaders and improve your facilitation skills right from the comfort of your own home? Atlas Corps is looking for virtual volunteers to facilitate monthly peer coaching groups as part of our new Virtual Leadership Institute, which is an online learning community for global social change leaders between the ages of 22 – 35. The peer coaching groups give the institutes’ participants an opportunity to meet in smaller groups to discuss the program curriculum, trade advice, and engage with each other in the development of their leadership projects. 

DONATE: Engage with Atlas Corps in Fundraising Efforts

Become a monthly or one-time donor

Support Atlas Corps and empower our global community of changemakers who possess the training, skills, and network to solve the world’s most pressing issues. Will you make your #GlobalImpact with Atlas Corps? Details at donate.atlascorps.org.

Share your social impact story

With a network of around 775 Fellows from 96 countries, the Atlas Corps family is growing every day. It is time to look back and to showcase the achievements of our amazing Alumni. Share your social impact story by submitting this online form.

IMPACT: Build a network of global changemakers and promote social change

Do you want to take on a larger leadership role in our global network and contribute to the long-term direction of the organization?

Join an Atlas Corps Leadership Committee

Atlas Corps Leadership Committees are the most tangible opportunity for Fellows, Scholars, and Alumni to contribute to Atlas Corps, guide the organization, and have a voice in shaping our programming over time. These committees are a way to create a transparent and efficient infrastructure to promote community leadership and involvement. These committees are co-run by both staff and Leaders from the Atlas Corps Community. For more information on the Leadership Committees, please refer to our overview document (https://bit.ly/AtlasCorpsLeadershipCommittees). Interested in joining a committee? Contact Zachary at zachary@atlascorps.org for more information!