Post 9/11 era brought a totally different image of Pakistan to us – the citizens of Pakistan. We used to be a Country that was a heaven for tourists but after 9/11 we turned into a heaven for terrorists. The seeds General Zia-ul-haq sowed were now grown trees who have produced several more terrorists through trainings they got through the ISI and the American support for war against Soviets. A Pakistani citizen who have no idea about the situation, learned names like Mullah Omar, Gulbudeen Hikmatyaar, Osama Bin Laden, Baitullah Mehsud and so on.. all this through the boom of social media platforms, by that the common citizens started knowing about – what is going on in Pakistan.

Since we had worse after affects of 9/11 attacks in the U.S, our soil was not safe for public places, sufi shrines, schools and colleges, as well as kidnapping issues appeared by the Taliban groups to run their finance operations. They kidnapped several citizens of Pakistan who stood against their rule or their vision for enforcing their own version of sharia law in the Country. These citizens involved the high profile kidnappings, including the son of former Prime Minister, son of former slain Governor of Punjab province, and recently son of Chief Justice of Sindh.

Sitting across the seas in the United States we hear a lot of news on social media – news of happiness and joy where sons of former Prime Minister and former Governor recovered, and recently kidnapped son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court recovered in an Intelligence based operation held by Pakistan Army. But then, there are several sons of soil missing since years – there families still seek their way back home – their remains are nowhere because they are not the elites or the Princes. With all the happening in the Country, a normal citizen asks a question of why only the beloveds of powerful people can be recovered, and the layman seeks justice in the courts or by knocking the doors of Federal Ministries.

It is in fact the truth that the government is involved or have connections with the terrorist groups. This is on record that the Federal Government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) had huge support of militant organizations when they entered in 2013 election campaign. Whereas, political parties with liberal and plural approach – ANP, PPP and MQM were threatened by the Taliban and their sister organizations. A lot of political activists were killed during the election campaign of 2013. But the point remains there – if the elites or powerful can be recovered – why can’t a normal citizen come back to their home after facing the worse captivity of Taliban?

Government of Pakistan is totally involved in all the missing cases in Pakistan, and they know the whereabouts of these militants. Till date no action have been taken against the Haqqani Network even after a lot of pressure coming from the West. If the government keep protecting groups who are inhumane – no matter how much their comfort zone of the good taliban stays – the issue is, till the date these inhumane species remain in Pakistan, it will not be a safe heaven ever again. Now is the time to return back the sons of  the families who have no power or who cannot influence the powerful rulers of Pakistan. Justice is what every Pakistani seeks and the government must be accountable for not providing justice to common citizens of Pakistan.