If you ever get a chance to attend a culturally diverse event, you’ll agree that it is one of the most enriching and exciting experiences you can have in the United States. Being able to taste the variety of delicious cuisines, witness traditional dresses, listening to different languages and dialects are all pleasant experiences you can have. I could feel the similar kind of excitement when I sat among a diverse group of people who were volunteering for the SyriaFest 2018 that held on September 2, 2018 in Washington DC. I met young people from Turkey, Egypt, South Korea, Syria, India, Bangladesh, Botswana among many others. All of them were driven by the positive and high spirits of making a significant contribution in the lives of others. On top of their desire to help others, their passions and energies were remarkable and unmatched.


The festival in itself was a colorful blend of the fascinating cultures including music and variety of dresses. One of the singers performed the American national anthem in Arabic that was well appreciated by the audience. Exhibition of traditional dresses along with food and drink stalls were attracting the visitors. Although it was hot and humid and the festival was being held in an open area but it didn’t stop the masses to flow in and experience the fascinating beauty of the event. On the stage, singers were performing their soulful songs and dance

rs were making circles around to present traditional dancing styles. On the sides of the road, all stalls could be seen crowded with people and friends sitting on the sidewalks chatting and having food and drinks.


Such events showcase the more inclusive approach to welcome all the people without regard to their region, origin or religion. It is important to convey the message of acceptance, inclusion and freedom and embrace the differences with kindness, love and compassion.