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Digital media has transformed the event coverage to a completely new dimension. Now people don’t only rely on the Press Coverage, but also focus promoting the twitter hashtag to get maximum reach on the happenings of events.

This practice is being observed by Government Institutions, Huge Development Organizations e.g. IMF, World Bank and UN, INGOs as well as national, regional, and local organizations. What startups can take benefit from this practice, is to follow these 4 steps of getting recognized through digital media

Search for the Right Event

By searching the right event means to search an event that relates your industry. There are various means to search these events online. The easiest way is to check EventBrite, World Bank Events, IMF Events and also Google search. Selection of a good event will get you learn best practices on issues related to your industry, participating in discussions that will promote your company, your personal identity, and meeting the speakers who are leaders of the industry you are working in.

This is not enough, don’t forget the Digital Media! Attending the right event will promote your presence through digital media.

Find out the Hashtag for the Event

When you have RSVPd for the event – the very first thing you have to figure out is finding the official hashtag for that event. This upcoming event of Alliance for Peacebuilding has a social media kit linked with the event page that highlights the official hashtag of the event.The hashtag can be used to tweet various pre-event information, including: Agenda of the Event, Speakers’ ProfilesTweet your interest with tagging speaker’s twitter handle and tweet it with their photos, What are the topics of event you think matching your buyer personas? Tweets of these topics will get your audience follow you to learn more about the event.

Use #StayTuned to give your audience heads-up that you are going to give them live updates from the event.

Live Tweeting from the Event

Normally the first step before the event starts is to create a Timeline of the official hashtag. Creating a timeline doesn’t consume time like it sounds – It is just putting the hashtag in the search bar of Twitter and there you go! This timeline gives an idea of who else is tweeting using the hashtag, by using the timeline you can like and retweet the tweets from other attendees. There will be several attendees tweeting from the event, including the social media team of the organizers. What makes your tweets visible to others? It could be anything important at the event, think like a journalist to make your tweets look like news for your audience. Information shared by the Speakers on recently launched reports, the challenges they face and how they overcome those challenges, what are their biggest achievements that could help your audience learning how to achieve success. Every important statement is worth to be shared on your twitter – think more by putting yourself in your audience shoes, would you Retweet or Like if you are reading those tweets. Pick up the right session and tweet what speakers are saying – using hashtag will not only get reach your audience but gives you more visibility if organization’s twitter handle, Speakers of the event and attendees of the conference share your tweets.

Your tweets can help you in networking sessions during the lunch or when the event adjourns. Don’t forget to share you visiting cards with the people you meet there – Why? Follow the next step!

Post Event Recaps

Now is the time when you take the lead over others who have attended the event. Go through the timeline of the event’s hashtag – there are plenty of tweets that can he highlighted again through a Recap. This Recap could be nicely written blog on the outcomes of event, good take aways and lessons learned that your company will practice to produce better results, OR, try the Storify tool to Recap the events. Because Storify is not a common tool practiced by digital marketers – I use it to get an edge over others. It includes content, images, videos and news links. Startups using Storify to Recap the event and email those whom they met during the event, get them bridging relations with their audience who could be donors or sponsors for their projects. Also when your Storify tweet and Facebook post is shared by the organizations like Atlas Corps and Gates Foundation, it gives more value to your organization.

So follow these steps to give your startup a new digital appearance! #StayTuned for More…