as any new fellow, i had many question when i was coming to here like the life style?

the roommate ? how i will deal with many thing in the first month ….etc

but i get my answers very quick but through my roommate, they  helped me very much in my first days here in DC, i think i was lucky to live with two senior fellows.

because of them i feel now that i have been here since 2 months because they share with me some of they experience wish make my life more easy here.

but it still some questions i have to answer it and that will happened by  my self, One of the things that will happened is discovering your self again,especially if you coming from an  environment that every thing is there .

things like what you really want and you don’t and there is no thing in between be or not to be, this rule should be number one during my fellowship.

for me i think  i will get a new experience, with different background wish will add to me many things and in my turn i will add it to what i have to build some thing new