Wednesday, July 26th marked the  beginning of a fantastic 3 day Summit in New York City. The Nexus Global Summit was not only informative but served as the inspiration I needed to start thinking about “what’s next for me” as I have now hit the half way mark for my fellowship.

Intriguing Discussions

With discussions covering topics such as impact investing and how to build support for the SDGS through investment, scaling solutions for impact and .investing in women,  the Summit served to reinforce a lot of concepts and ideas about social entrepreneurship and philanthropy that I have been learning more about since I began serving at the Council on Foundations in January 2017.

Networking Opportunities

Besides the many plenary and breakout sessions the Summit also served as a great space for networking (and featured several intentional networking sessions). I most certainly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with some truly amazing and passionate people from all over and learn more about their work.

About Nexus

As a way of background, NEXUS is a global movement to brings together communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship in an effort to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs and allies to catalyze new leadership and accelerate global solutions.

Founded in 2011, NEXUS brings together leaders at various events worldwide for inspiration, education, dialogue, and collaborative problem solving. This July’s Summit was an exclusive gathering of 500+ leading next gen philanthropists, impact investors, and social innovators from across the world.

To say these three (3) days were anything but inspiring would be an injustice as we heard from several innovative young leaders about their creative solutions to pressing problems facing our generation and the world.

Following these discussions have personally challenged myself to start thinking about ways in which my philanthropic pursuits and passion for social justice can be combined and expanded for greater impact in my home country, Jamaica.