The Chairman and CEO of Gallup

The Chairman and CEO of Gallup

Had I not thought of addressing the needs of the youth of Bangladesh by addressing their needs of Soft Skills and devising training programs for them I would not be able to know that so much was going on in the world for the future of jobs and the youth! Little did I know that the education institutions and the employers in the United States of America are setting examples by trying so hard to mitigate the need gaps that the graduates of the Universities face in the US.

One of the examples of accomplishing it was the Global Talent Summit which was hosted by Gallup and convened by the Diplomatic Courier on the 18th of January 2016. It’s interesting that we think about these soft skills needs like Critical Thinking Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Cross-cultural Communication Skills and many others, but can we always define them? Do their definitions and degrees of requirement vary from one job to another? As we found out at the forum on ‘The Global Skill Gaps’ with Larry Quinlan- Chief Information Officer from Deloitte and Fumbi Chima- the Chief Information Officer from Burberry moderated by Brandon Busteed, Executive Director, Education and Workforce Development, Gallup, that although we talk about Critical Thinking, how often are we really able to define what critical thinking skills are? It is high time that the universities, not only in the US but across the world understand what the difference soft skills mean to their countries as well to the universal context and develop strong programs to address the needs among their youth.

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The CEO and Publisher of Diplomatic Courier

With Ana – the CEO and Publisher of Diplomatic Courier, and Niza and Asmaa (Atlas Corps Fellows from Mexico and Palestine respectively)